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Saturday, May 07, 2005


Today was the day for the March of Dimes leafleting event at Bob Noble Park from 8:30-10:00...It was ver unsuccessful, only Crystal and I showed up and we got kicked out after about ten or fifteen minutes. The local head of the March of Dimes was very rude to us in saying that "PETA is never welcome here !" and "If it wasn't for animal testing we wouldn't be here right now". He told us that we had to leave and that anything with PETA on it was not allowed to have any part in the March of Dimes...He was as rude as Jason Watkins ! Besides the local head of M.O.D., everyone else was glad to hear our message. We handed out a few leaflets and earmark stickers and alot of people were glad that we were standing up for the lives of animals and babies. They were also glad that we were letting them know whats going on, and that we encouraged them to still walk but earmark their donation. I think we could've done a better job if we had one or two more people...But oh well, I just hope we get a better turnout for our upcoming KFC demos.


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