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Saturday, April 02, 2005

McVegan Campaign

As you all may know, McDonald's isn't very vegetarian/vegan friendly. THere is a website looking to mimic this, at the top of the page is an icon for "McVegan" with golden arches. This is a parody of McDonald's where you operate a stand that hands out free vegan burgers, hot dogs, drinks, etc. in order to spread the word about how good vegan food can really be. I was reading through the website checklist of what makes a good place to do it; a place where there was tons of foot traffic was the maine concern. Then it popped into my head...BBQ ON THE RIVER ! There is tons of toor traffic there, and people love to get free food ! I contacted the people at and they said that they cannot provide us with free food for the event, or free "McVegan" t-shirts. They did say that the people that coordinate National Meat-Out day could provide us with some help and that we could buy McVegan shirts from for $12.50 each, maybe they could throw in those cool server hats. So, I contacted the people at the meat-out website and they said that the supplier of their food only supplies it for their meat-out day events as a once a year type of thing. The person at the mea-out website told me that we could probably contact BOCA or an other company manufacturing vegan products and tell them how much of a great opportunity this event is to basically PIMP their products. That'd mean we'd probably have to have a big sign saying "all food provided by the ____ company." If you have any suggestions on where to get the food or anything like that, you can e-mail me at . I was thinking that we could also have some PETA literature on hand to put in people's food bags....just a thought. Anyways, I hope to see everyone at our April meeting !


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