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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Call Wet Seal And Let Them Know How You Feel

Tell Wet Seal to have a heart ! Make your voice heard by telling them to stop selling fur in their stores. Call the following numbers:
+Vice President Helen Rotherman:949-699-4804 (office)
+Vice President Helen Rotherman:949-675-5305 ( the best)
+C.E.O. Joe Waller:949-699-4734(office)
+Customer Service:1-800-735-7325 (costs Wet Seal 50 cents if you call this number from a payphone)
So, be sure to call Wet Seal and tell them to have a heart and stop selling rabbit fur !
Here is a link to the band "THE USED" and their letter to Wet Seal to adopt a fur-free policy for good


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