Citizens For Animal Rights Education

Monday, April 25, 2005

A Shameless Plug

Alright, I am shamelessy plugging my new website (xanga, for all of you hip to that internet jive) that is all about animal rights...I would like to think it is a good site, but if you dont then be honest:
I update it with articles on a daily basis.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Successful KFC Demonstration !

As you all know, C.A.R.E. recently held a demonstration against the food-chain Kentucky Fried Chickenon Jackson Street in Paducah from 11:30-1:20. Even though it was cold outside we got our message across loud and clear to the citizens of Paducah that cruelty to chickens is NO JOKE. Of course we got the occassional stare and laughs along with some mocking, but other than that, we received positive praise from all the Paducahans. We only had three people at the protest, which I am VERY dissapointed in ! We usually have a great turnout for the meetings, but when it comes to demos people suddenly dissapear...

Saturday, April 16, 2005


As everyone knows, C.A.R.E. is getting t-shirts ! I will be going Monday to River Graphics:
I don't have an estimate on the shirts yet, I'll get that Monday, if you want me to change your size or the way your name is spelled, e-mail me (
I went over everyone's feedback from the e-mails and the consensus was green shirt with purple writing. The front is going to have a big purple "V" with "Citizens for Animal Rights Education" written in white (it'll show up better). Then on the right sleeve we will have our name, then a purple ribbon with "AR" on it. Then on the back we will have our mission statement, "As citizens for Animal rights education, our mission is to educate the public on animal rights issues, how it effects their everyday life, and what they can do to change animal cruelty. CARE operates on the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for enteratinment."
The T-Shirts will be, if I remember correctly, $10.87....WHAT A DEAL !!!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

McVegan Campaign

As you all may know, McDonald's isn't very vegetarian/vegan friendly. THere is a website looking to mimic this, at the top of the page is an icon for "McVegan" with golden arches. This is a parody of McDonald's where you operate a stand that hands out free vegan burgers, hot dogs, drinks, etc. in order to spread the word about how good vegan food can really be. I was reading through the website checklist of what makes a good place to do it; a place where there was tons of foot traffic was the maine concern. Then it popped into my head...BBQ ON THE RIVER ! There is tons of toor traffic there, and people love to get free food ! I contacted the people at and they said that they cannot provide us with free food for the event, or free "McVegan" t-shirts. They did say that the people that coordinate National Meat-Out day could provide us with some help and that we could buy McVegan shirts from for $12.50 each, maybe they could throw in those cool server hats. So, I contacted the people at the meat-out website and they said that the supplier of their food only supplies it for their meat-out day events as a once a year type of thing. The person at the mea-out website told me that we could probably contact BOCA or an other company manufacturing vegan products and tell them how much of a great opportunity this event is to basically PIMP their products. That'd mean we'd probably have to have a big sign saying "all food provided by the ____ company." If you have any suggestions on where to get the food or anything like that, you can e-mail me at . I was thinking that we could also have some PETA literature on hand to put in people's food bags....just a thought. Anyways, I hope to see everyone at our April meeting !

Call Wet Seal And Let Them Know How You Feel

Tell Wet Seal to have a heart ! Make your voice heard by telling them to stop selling fur in their stores. Call the following numbers:
+Vice President Helen Rotherman:949-699-4804 (office)
+Vice President Helen Rotherman:949-675-5305 ( the best)
+C.E.O. Joe Waller:949-699-4734(office)
+Customer Service:1-800-735-7325 (costs Wet Seal 50 cents if you call this number from a payphone)
So, be sure to call Wet Seal and tell them to have a heart and stop selling rabbit fur !
Here is a link to the band "THE USED" and their letter to Wet Seal to adopt a fur-free policy for good