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Friday, March 25, 2005

March of Dimes

As you know, March of Dimes (a health charity dedicated to stopping pre-mature births) performs cruel animal tests. We need to put a stop to this ! I talked with Veronica at PETA ( and she said that the focus of the march of crimes campaign is to get people to put the sticker that says "ear mark my donation for non-animal experiments" on their envelope, so that people can still support march of dimes without all the animal cruelty. So, they are still sending posters, but they say that isn't the most effective way. I don't know when the March of Dimes is coming to Paducah to do a walk, but I know that we have a local chapter office here in Paducah at the following address:
333 Broadway, Suite 810Paducah, KY 42001
There phone number is : (270) 443-8603
To learn more about March of Dimes animal testing visit
If you want to talk with someone at PETA about the March of Crimes campaign you can talk to Stephanie on the Phone at: (757)962-8247
Mandy ( is currently in the process of signing our group up for the walk, so that we can still donate money to that charity, without the animal testing. I am also in the process of getting together a few possible designs for a shirt that we can have. I will bring my papers to the meeting to show everyone. If you have any ideas you can e-mail me (


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